Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith Because of widespread unbelief and apostasy, this Church reaffirms its faith in the following: The verbal inspiration and infallibility of the thirty-nine books of the Old Testament and the twenty-seven books of the New Testament in their original writings comprising the complete written Revelation from God; The Eternal, Triune God--Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; The creation, including man, as the direct act of God; The fall of man through sin with resulting depravity of the entire race; The redemptive work of Christ whereby, through His death for man’s sin, He forgives, cleanses and gives everlasting life to those who exercise saving faith in Him; The Virgin Birth of Christ as a supernatural work of God; The death of Christ as the Substitute for man, and His bodily resurrection from the dead; The ascension of Christ and His Mediatorial work in Heaven for us; The Personal, Pre-millennial coming of Christ to set up His Millennial Kingdom; The Pre-millennial and pre-tribulational rapture of believers in Christ; The eternal conscious blessedness of those who are saved and the eternal conscious judgment of those who are lost; Separation from worldliness, unbelief and apostasy.