Who We Are

The First Baptist Church of Medford is an independent Baptist church

situated in downtown, historic Medford, New Jersey.  

By 'church' we mean that we are a group of people that have been formed into a spiritual community of love and grace by the life-giving power of Jesus Christ.  

By 'independent' we mean that there is no corporate structure that determines what or who we need to be.  

By 'Baptist' we mean that there are certain particulars about our beliefs and practices that are distinctly Baptist by definition and historic by tradition. We fervently believe that the church is made up of saved and baptized believers and that the scriptures are our sole authority in life and practice. We are also committed to a belief that ensures that each believer is an essential and gifted component to the outworking of God’s desires for this local church.  

Our church government derives its structure from a belief that there are really only two offices in the church, the Pastor/Bishop/Elder and the Deacon, creating the necessity of a strongly congregational rule as the Holy Spirit leads each one of us in our participation and there is no overarching governing body that is our final authority.  

These basics guide our decisions, practices and goals and, we trust, serve to create an environment where we can best glorify God with our imperfect persons in a fallen world. We wish to be the hands and feet of Jesus!

Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory

and honour and power: for thou hast created

all things, and for thy pleasure

they are and were created. 

Revelation 4:11